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Hogelandshoeve Online

Boerderijwinkel in Hoeselt

Kruidenplanten - Bio & Streekprodukten - Retro & Vintage - Creatieve Workshops

Op dit moment passen wij ons aanbod aan i.v.m. nieuwe COVID restricties.

Wij gaan bineenkort hier ook update geven over leveringen en ophaalmogelijkheden.



Our Story

Han and Jay have been married for 15 years, and now , reaching the last phase of our working lives, we have taken the final step away from urban life. We moved to Hoeselt (near Tongeren in Belgium) in May 2019, and are now working hard to establish ourselves in this new location. This will be our last business start-up, so we have a lot of work to do, but a lot of experience behind us. It’s our last chance to get it right! Thank you to all the friends and customers who helped get us to this point.

The new bio-greenhouse is already starting to produce herb plants for the kitchen, which you can taste and buy in our new Farm Shop. This year we will offer about 100 different varieties, most of which are suitable for the herb garden as well as the cooking pot, salad bowl or tea cup.

The shop also has a full range of our handmade jams, confitures and chutnies which you can taste before you buy.

Since we are new to Limburg, we are looking to find opportunities to take a stand at garden and food fairs, agricultural summer shows and such so that we can start to build up our reputation and share our vision.

Behind the shop you'll find our retro and vintage galleries filled with glass and ceramics, lamps clocks and small furniture. Creative workshops are being given every month. It’s just 20 km from Maastricht!

The new farm is next to the ‘Kluis van Vrijhern’, an ancient site which is a popular base for walking and cycling. The views are beautiful and we hope to enhance the area with our unique (combination of) offerings.

All the latest news is to be found on our website

Creatieve Workshops

  • Elke Maand Nieuw!
    Elke Maand Nieuw!
    Thu, 13 Feb
    Hogelandshoeve in Hoeselt
    13 Feb 2025, 11:50
    13 Feb 2025, 11:50
  • Ook op afspraak
    Ook op afspraak
    Mon, 17 Mar
    Hogelandshoeve in Hoeselt
    17 Mar 2025, 17:00
    17 Mar 2025, 17:00
    Elke maand opnieuw creatief!

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Sint-Annastraat 29, 3730 Hoeselt, Belgium

0032 499 816 895

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